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Costume Cascades

Pinstripe Cascade

Terrifically suited to grey or black winter knitwear, or white summer linen. Beautifully executed earrings; modern and classy. 

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Red & Gold Cascade

What to wear with that red dress you wonder. Well, there's nothing quite like red and gold accessories to show off a red dress and not reduce one or the other to a lower level of interest.

Immaculately handcrafted using lots of tiny glass beads to deliver a powerful impact.

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Brass Disk Cascade

These gold and white earrings are simply lovely, and will complement almost any complexion or hair shade. 

They are perfect for summer wear, but also look marvellous worn with winter's more sombre palette. 

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Black and Crystal Cascade

These very long earrings look stunning on. Milky, opalescent beads are strikingly set to shimmer against lots of tiny, highly shiny black beads. Very glamorous looking, and far nicer than the picture portrays.

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Blue Seed Bead Cascade

Cascading earrings in a very lovely azure blue that works really well with transluscent crystal and silver.   Perfect for summer, day or night.

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Green Seed Bead Cascade

Most beautiful. Tiny opalescent green glass beads have been used along with emerald green crystals and silver beads in the execution of these unusual earrings to create their striking sparkle. Much better than the picture has portrayed.

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Black and White Cascade

Made with dedication. Hundreds of tiny black and white beads have been carefully assembled on long wires, then linked to silver chain to form these long, flowing cascade earrings.

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Lampwork Cascade

The colour combinations on these earrings are flattering to most complexions, but darker skin tones, in particular, enhance their lovely, soft sparkle.

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Black and Rose Cascade

A lovely soft sparkle has been produced on these long earrings by using lots of tiny pink glass beads along with gold bugle beads.  A fabulous colour combination for darker skin tones, but also good on most other shades too. 

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Peachy Pink Cascade

Tiny light pink glass beads, and larger, deeper pink crystals have been arranged with gold metal beads to produce these adorable sparkly earrings.

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Pink Crystal Cascade

Earrings with such a beautiful sparkle as these are remeniscent of old movie scenes. You know, where the camera comes in to focus softly on the star's face, and catches the moistness of her eyes, and the glow of her jewels. Captivating!

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Blue Malaysia Cascade

Tiny, light pink glass beads, and larger beads, dyed a denim blue, are shown off to perfection by the addition of bright silver on these lovely, long cascade earrings. 

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