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Just How Are Swarovski Crystals Made?

The Swarovski family have kept the formula for making their full lead crystals a secret for well over a hundred years. Swarovski has set the standard for top quality, full lead crystal that is recognised as the diamond of the crystal market.

It was Daniel Swarovski who, in 1895, developed a machine which would enable him to cut crystals precisely. Before his invention they had to be handcut, and this meant lower productivity and higher costs. The machine made it possible to cut a hundred facets in various directions that would allow light to refract brilliantly, creating a wonderful display of prismatic colour(s). Today's  cutting machines are computer driven.

Swarovski crystals are made from minerals and pure quartz sand. These materials are fired together for a certain period of time, then go through a very slow cooling process, which is a most important step in order to reduce flaws and imperfections in the final product. At 32% lead content, they are classed as full lead crystal. The wearing of full lead crystal does not pose any threat to health.

About Our Jewellery

To make our unique pieces of jewellery we first look for unusual, rare and attractive elements, always with quality in mind. 

We choose a combination of these elements that seem most to complement each other, and then we set about designing something to show them off.

The elements are very important because they present ideas just by their very nature of colour, shape, texture or ability to refract light. For instance, Swarovski crystals, shimmering and sparkling, bring to mind glamorous evenings and dinners by candlelight.

Ever noticed how drop earrings can look lovely from the front, but when viewed from the back they look plain or unfinished? We feel that, wherever possible and practical, the back should look as nice as the front.

We endeavour to use only metal components which are either gold or silver plated because we feel that they are more esthetically pleasing and generally of higher quality.

We feel the results are worth it. We hope our customers do too.